Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat - Catherine and Clayten Clearing Workshop

Clayten Stedmann is a long time friend of mine.  He co-founded with Jeff Stegmann and also co-founded Ascend Protocols with me, Catherine.  We worked for years on the clearing process based on my years of Theta brain wave training until we were able to get the protocols to 1000 out of a 1000 based on the David Hawkins scale.  The purest of clearing energy protocols. 

The conference is August 31, Sept 1, Sept 2, in Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington. Clayten Stedmann and  I will be dong a workshop where we will be clearing influences that restrain us from connecting with these other beings in way that works for us. When Clayten and I get together to do clearings in groups it is always deep, thorough and fun.  The visions that Clayten and I receive during our clearing work is always interesting and we will share the fun ones. 

Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis are hosting the third annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat and Conference on Friday, August 31st through Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington. This weekend gathering includes conference speakers, spiritual and developmental workshops, sharing circles, vendors offering products and services, meals (additional), fun activities, and many opportunities to commune with kindred spirits, nature, and our beloved Sasquatch Elders.

In accordance with the Sasquatch People, Mother Earth, and all of Humanity, we propose a spiritual and ecological approach to healing ourselves, our planet, and our collective consciousness. We are all related, all children of Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility to live and work together to create peace and harmony for all living beings. Our presenters will share their own personal encounters with these sentient beings as well as the messages that have been shared with them to assist in learning Universal truths, healing ourselves and relationships, co-creating together, and understanding our perspective realities.

So this will be an incredible 3 days.  Clayten, Jeff and so many of the team will be there as well presenting flfe.  So if you want to enjoy a fabulously intuitive 3 days and stay up all night with us to catch the space ships.  We would love to have you join us.  You can buy tickets by clicking the link below or pasting it in your browser...