Catherine N. Wylie, B.B.A.

CEO, C.N. Wylie Group Inc. 
Master/Cert of Science ThetaHealing®Teacher
Reiki Master/Teacher Intuitive Health Coach



Discover the Secret to Ageless Living 

In this groundbreaking new program, Catherine teaches you how to “clear” deep, unconscious programs on both a spiritual and DNA level—so you begin living with joy, youthfulness and love, every single day! 

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February 13, 2018

The Empowerment Series - Ageless 3

The 7 session course is designed to release limiting programs of enslavement to the patriarchal systems, power over, domination, control, suberviency, submissiveness and the seemingless endless ways we as humans are enslaved to so much on this planet.  And how the planet herself has been enslaved and as we can see has grown tired of the abuse.  You can register now for Ageless 3 in the workshop section of the site.


I love you!

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