Catherine Pagliaro, B.B.A.
CEO, C.N. Wylie Group Inc.
Master Theta Instructor
Reiki Master/Teacher

Dec 31, 2011

Wishing you the most magical, joyful, and prosperous 2012!

I am sitting writing while my seven year old grandson Ethan sleeps peacefully in the bedroom behind me at a resort in Orlando.  We have had the most magical Christmas together and so much fun at the new Legoland and downtown Disney. 

I am so Blessed and grateful for everyone and everything in my life.  I give thanks and graitutde to Creator, my friends, family, team and community for helping me create a life rich in love, happiness, and joy, the life I have strived to achieve.

Tonight in this part of the world we will ring in the much awaited year of 2012! For many there is worry that the end of the world will occur December 21, 2012.  I believe that the old ways of the world will in fact end are in fact ending ushering in a true time of we of oness out of the I, the separateness. 

And so in every ending we must remember there is always a beginning.  There cannot be an ending without a beginning.  Our mother earth is changing and adjusting as she has done since she formed so long ago, adjusting to the growing human population and need for her resources.  As we shift and clear what keeps us separate from One, Source, the Creator of All that Is we will see how we can sustain our present and future in love, respect, peace and harmony.  I am so excited about the beginning of this magical transitional year!  Although it will have some interesting times it marks the continuation of the positive transitions of us as human beings and how we interact with all who inhabit our planet and our mother earth.

More than ever this year it is important for you to focus on the positive with the changing energies swirling around us all.  Live and love and joy releasing any fear as events unfold knowing that you are safe and secure no matter what appears because... 

We are all Sparks of God, One with God and all the kingdoms of this planet and the planet herself while maintaining our unique individualized beingness! 

Celebrate your gloriousness today, tomorrow, and everyday! Focus on positive thoughts, words and acts being the change you wish to see in our world and we shall be as ONE bringing forth, love, peace, joy and harmony to all in and of and to our world.  Thank you for your Committment and Grace!

Happy Happy 2012!

I love you xo



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