April 17, 2018

Barbara Bush’s End-Of-Life Decision Stirs Debate Over ‘Comfort Care’

Our Soul's choose when and how we transition to the higher frequency of the next part of our Soul's journey.  What humanity called end-of-life is really the beginning of the next phase in a higher frequency that is difficult for the majority of humans to see because their gift of intuitive sight is so blocked or forgotten.

Mrs. Bush's decidsion to continue to make wise decisions for herself and her family has sparked a debate on "comfort care" with a persons right to choose the type of their transitionary care. "Comfort Care" is not the outright denial of medical care but instead focuses on patients symptoms to keep them comofrtable and retain theie dignity.

My mother had terminal lung cancer and the last 3 weeks of her life she was on the palliative care floor of the hospital.  She was able to transition peacefully and comfortably and with dignity.

My grandmother was 101 when she transitioned.  Her name was Catherine, Kait.  She lived in a gorgeous assisted care facility.  The month before she left I had her at the race track as she loved to bet on the number 5 horses and the gray coloured horses.  So if there was a gray coloured number 5 horse, well we really hit the jackpot.  That day God must have known it would be her last race track appearance as she won something in every race.  Those 5's and gray horses performed for my Gram, the most positive being of light I have ever met.  She was healthy all of her life with the exception of a swift bout of post menopausal breast cancer.  She had a mastectomy and a round of mustard treatment and that was that.

The morning of June 19, 2014 she had breakfast at her care facility and told the staff she was tired and was going to lay down for a nap.  My Aunt called at noon to gather the children as Gram was transitiioning.  We raced to to the home and everyone got to say good bye.  I stayed with her until her last breath, holding her hand continually expressing my gratitude and love for the 59 years of unconditional love she had shown me.  I waited until the funeral home lady arrived and wrapped her in the most beautiful burgancy velvet covering and then took that last walk with her to the hearse.  I stood with tears of joy as she drove away knowing that she was with my grandfather, mother and all of her friends again having a huge dance party in Heaven's version of Honeymoon Bay!

We are responsible for our lives in every way and we have the ability to live in Ageless Thrival, in vibrant, vital health, no matter what our chronological age is and can do what my grandmother did.  We don't have to age in the accustomed manner.  We can have breakfast or lunch or dinner or do whatever we  decide and  to go to sleep and change frequency.  

So thank you Mrs. Bush for wisely choosing to share your transitionary plans with the world so others can make similar choices for themselves when it is their time!  Transition peacefully when it is your time.  We are grateful for all you have done in our world!

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