April 18, 2018

Mrs. Bush transitioned yesterday so we wish her a peaceful and joyful soul journey!

This life matters.  Being mindful and careful and thoughtful in consideration of all life, every species and our mother earth.  And especially being mindful and careful and throughful in your own self-care, self-kindness and self-compassion.  So today and every day start your day with the breathe of life and gratitude.  I am not sure how you plan out your days, weeks, months or if you plan at all preferring to go with the flow.  However you live just remember to bring love and joy into it all no matter how tough it might seem in the moment.  And I also ask that every week you think about you can take one action that will assure you re-connect with mother nature and through that action how you make a difference in an environmental aread of your personal concern.  Is it the ocean, lakes or rivers?  Is it our airways or the earth herself.  How are you eating? 

Can you buy more organic foods when they are available and budget allows? Or can you start an organic garden on your balcony, in your apartment or yard?  Can you get together with your neighbours and plan a community garden everyone can share in the prepping, planting and harvesting. 

Are their neighbourhood children that you can teach to garden?  There is nothing more rewarding than planting seeds and watching them grow into healthy plants to harvest.  Don't forget to bless the plants and teach the children to bless and honor the plants that are harvested for food.  All vegetation has spiritual consciousness!  As do all species and deserve our blessings and honor for giving their lives to us to sustain ourselves.

Will your municipality allow you to grow food on a boulevard that currently supports grass??  Turning high maintenance useless grass into a sustainable food source for the neighbourhood?  So many things for you to consider as a weekly action to support our planet, humanity and all species which will raise our collective consciousness all around the world.  One person's actions makes a difference as the actions of one begins to exponentiate.  

I am grateful to you! I love you! 

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