June 23, 2018

It is my firstborn grandson, Ethan's, 14th birthday today!

What an amazing day Ethan's "birthday" was for me, Wylie, Kristina and Dottie and Jim.  I had sent Wylie down the week before so everyone could get to know him better.  And fortunately that worked wonderfully well.  I flew into Fort Lauderdale and it was my first time meeting Dottie and Jim face to face as well.  We had talked alot over the phone.  Dottie and I met over the phone literally 30 minutes after we found out Kristina was pregnant while Wylie and Kristina were attending Thomas University in Thomas Georgia.  

Such a beautiful little town.  I loved every minute I got to spend there visting both Wylie and Kristina.  So flew into Fort Launderdale the Friday before the 23rd as Kristina was in labour off and on and was sure Ethan would be born any minute.  LOL...Well we waited and we waited anf finally Wednesday Ethan decided Wednesday June 23, 2004 was the day he would arrived.

I was blessed to be invited to watch my first grandson being born.  And as his head emerged, Jimmy, Kristina Dad went...well he is the spitting image of Wylie.  He was purple and having a bit of trouble like Wylie when he was born.  Apgar about 3 and then in one minute he pinked up and screamed his lungs out...

Ethan has and continues to be a huge joy in all of our lives.  As I look into his face I can still see my father Elwood and my son Wylie...He is like a mini-me Wylie...but you can see the Acosta's in him as well.

Ethan is doing well in school and loves his sports.  He has played soccer, football and baseball.  Currently he loves lacrosse and is a super athlete as both the Acosta's and the Wylie/Clarke family have amazing athletic genes.  Oh he does love to golf too.  Glamma and E will get out on the golf course together again soon.

Ethan is the patriarch of the new generation of our family.  He heads up the new generation of Jack, Elliot, Charlie, Henry, Ben, Vida, A.J. ,  and our very latest Elwood Clarke.  

I am grateful and blessed to have 8 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.  I have created alot of success in my life but my proudest and most dearest accomplisments are my 5 children, Kyle, Jennifer, Kaitlin, Alana and Wylie and my grandchildren.  They are all happy, successful very productive adults.  

So I celebrate my "birth" day of Ethan's birthday today as well.  We are blessed to have this gifted, kind and loving young man in our world.  Happy Happy Birthday my beautiful boy.  Glamma loves you to the end of the universe and back!

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