July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July to all of my American Friends and Family!

Freedom is our goal through the evolutionary and transformational process of LOVE!  It has been quite the journey since our human race appeared 200,000 or so years ago.  The science exists to prove this now.  The science exists to prove that we were genetically modified and enslaved to serve the few for food and profit.  And as each of us awakens to the truth and chooses to raise their inner personal consciousness vibration, together, we raise the collective consciousness.  By continuing to rais the collective consciousness the reality of peace and harmony for every life, every species our planet and all those of the Omniverse benefits.

As Divine Sparks of the Creator of All That Is your birthright is joy, abundance, prosperity and above all else Freedom.  Free Will!  The greatest gift to assure that you are truly free without continuing in the lane of the Free Range Human!

So I celebrate this day of Independance as I am truly Independant and Free!  Wishing you all love, independance, joy and above all else true Freedom!

I love you!

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