May 28, 2018

It is Officially Birthday Week for Me and it is Party Time!

I was born June 1, 1955 to Elwood and Elaine Wylie in Duncan B.C.  My grandparents Catherine and Ambrose Payne were the absolute backbone of my life as my parents marriage was less than optimal.  I was raised in an angry, power over dominating controlling abusive bullying household.  I was loved, no question but the dynamics of the power over controlling abusive bullying of my father to my submissive mother lets say was interesting but pretty much the usual as that is how the male dna is coded from extreme to mild.

Every experience we have on this earth is one we create, the stories to assure our soul's learn the lessons they came to learn so that once our consciousness energy inhabiting this body transition that our soul's move forward in the higher frequency.  We choose who, when and how we come through our birth portal, our life's experiences and then we choose how we exit.  We are offered "death exit" doors from conception to when we finally exit and a many and variety of "death door themes".  Again depending on what our soul needs to learn.

The point is whatever we create we can change and re-create.  You just gotta figure out the unconscious programs release and reprogram.  You can re-create your future as all of your data runs in the Omniverse of Oneness past, present and furture.  As Divine Sparks of God our birthright is love, joy and abundance in all things.  My life is blessed with all!  I have come full circle into completeness on my 63 birthday.  The 9 birthday of all things complete and as I move forward life is golden!


This week is filled with business and birthday parties.  Heavenly days!  So I wish you all as much fun and joy as I will have this week with friends, family and business associaates.  Live every day full out!

Namaste!  I love you!


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