August 5, 2019

Summer Home Remedies

Trust you are all having a fabulous summer and finding ways to enjoy our heat waves thanks to Climate Change.  We haven't seen many mosquitoes around our place this year and wondering if it is because there is a kill on larva to prevent West Nile disease.  Hmmmmmm.

Remember to check with your health care practitioner before undertaking new protocols like below...check for allergies and the like.

So if you do have problems with mosquitoes mix 2 drops of clove essential oil into 2 tsp of your favorite unscented lotion and apply to your bite prone areas.  Clove scent repels mosquitoes and can be as much a deterrent as DEET.  

Catnip will also help if you plant it in your garden.  It actually repels 50% more mosquitoes than DEET.

Always watch out for food poisoning and take all the right precautions with your food in the heat to avoid sickness.  Cauliflower contains natural antimicrobials that kill common causes of foodborne illnesses like E.coli and salmonella.  

A black tea soak will eliminate itchy athletes foot.  Tea's tannic acid kills infection-causing fungi.  Steep six teabags in a quart of hot water and when cool, soak your feet for 30 minutes.

Keep enjoying the summer.  Always grateful to you.  I love you!

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