June 1, 2018

I love my Birthday! I hope you love yours too!

The day you are born is very special.  Your soul is immortal as consciousness energy.  And all experiences on this earth plane are to complete the positive virtues you came to learn so that when you do decide to transition back into the higher frequencies you can move forward to the next level.  So you literally look at different families to be born into for your experiences.  You create soul agreements with soul family, soul mates and hopefully your divine life partner to come together on the earth plane for the learning process.

We are the creators of our lives.  The director of our movie in this incarnation.  It takes enormous courage to rocket through your birth portal as this planet, although originally evolved as a positive intergalatic outpost, fell during Atlantian times into the darkness of the fallens, lower lords and Repoids.  Ya and the genetic modifications of human slavery were created.  Free Range Humans.  Male DNA Power Over Domination and Control.  Female DNA Submissiveness, Subserviency, Servitude and Sexual Slavery.  Division amonst the masses through religion, gender, culture and so much more.  By the mid 1920's enough Sisters had stood up and said, ENOUGH, we deserve to be considered human beings and not domestic livestock owned by men.  We got the vote and then the long struggle for more rights and equality.  Which we still have not accomplished in 2018.  Close but not completely into Empowerment.

So what does that have to do with my birthday.  Your birthday.  Well you came in on a mission.  To live in love and joy and abundance and prosperity in every way.

No matter how horrific things can get in your life you can still bring joy in and focus on that whatever is happening it is a teaching tool for your soul and whoever else is involved.  And you  can recreate the struggle into thrival, the darkness into light.  You chose to be born to learn.  And as you create, you can re-create as you choose.

So Happy Birthday to me.  I am celebrating in gratitude for every wonderful day of the last 63 years and I look forward to the next 140 at least.  LOL...I see Greg Bradenn in Nanaimo mid June and he is on the 200 year plan.  My course Ageless is all about creating and re-creating a vital vibrant abundant life for as long as you choose in the highest vibration of consciousness you want.

So enjoy every day no matter what but especially enjoy the day you were born as it is incredibly special to have you all here on this journey of Oneness.  Because we are all Sparks of God, One With God, maintaining our individualized beingness of light!

I love you!


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