April 24, 2018

3 More Nutrition Vitalizers

Strawberries stimulate the formation of healthy new skin cells and supportive collagen within 10 days.  Strawberries are a concentrated source of anthocyanins, nutrients that help the lumphatic system flush out 25 percent more cellurlar waste and strenthen the capillaries that shuttle nutrients to the skin's epidermal layer.  Yale University researchers say you could see results from nibbling on 1 cup of strawberries within 10 days.

UCLA scientists suggest that enjoying 1/2 cup of black beans every day will provide 48% more slimming factors within your nutritional daily regime.  Black beans host moybdenum, folate and amino acids that switch on the detoxification enzymes in the liver allowing speedier release of metabolism slowing hormones and waste.

Adding one cup of citrus to your daily diet helps to eliminate indigestion, bloat and other belly issues.  It possible to shed 5 pounds of trapped fluids in a month according to British researchers.  Fruit's soluable fibre and organic acids promote persitalsis which is intestinal muscle contractions that helps to speed up the elimination of toxins in the digestive tract.  This helps to reduce toxic blood levels by as much as 30 percent per week.

So enjoy your re-vitalization as we ramp up into Spring!

Don't forget to check with your health practitioner when undertaking a new nutritional or exercise program.

I love you!


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