July 8, 2018

Empower Up with Nature's Candy

It's summer time and nature'es candy is plentiful.  Buy organic or non pesticide sprayed to avoid the chemical glyphosate that is sprayed on crops to kill weeds.  Research shows that glyphosate may damage the gut and impact hormone levels.  High levels of glyphosae could be draining your energy.  If you have fatigue acccompanied by two or more of the following symptoms, high levels of glyphosate could be contributing:

weight gain; brain fog; cravings; food sensitivities; diarrhea; heartburn; stomache pain; constipation; rashes/eczema; mood swings.

Research from the San Diego University show that 7 in 10 people have glyphosate in their systems.  GMO crops are top soures of food-based glyphosate exposure.  Corn, soy canola and sugar beats as well as wheat crops.  You can get your glyphosate levels checked through your Dr. by having a urine test.  There are also new home based tests as well.  

If you add a daily serving of raw sauerkraut or 1TBS of apple cider vinegar to your diet it will help to metabolize glyphosate as they both contain acetobacter, a good bacteria that metabolizes glyphosate.   Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 boosts the bodies levels of glutathione whih aids the liver to flush toxins.

When you choose organic produce and non-GMO grains it can cut pesticide exposure by 90% in a week.

Raspberries contain rheosmin and tiliroside wich are rare phytonutrients in the berry that stimulates cellular mitochondria to convert circulating glucose and fatty acis into the fatigue-fight compound ATP.  So eat a small handful of raspberries daily to help you shake off chronic fatigue in as little as a week.  

Blueberries have two unusal pigments, delphinidin and cyanidin that activate the genes needed to repair sun-kissed skin.  They stimulate the growth of firming collagen and promote the formation of healthy new skin cells.  Add a cup of blueberries to your daily diet and watch the years drop away.

Cantaloupe helps you slim your belly.  Snacking on 1 cup a day research show helps to shed 33% more weight than if you op for a strict, low calorie diets.  Cantaloupe contains more 120 metaboliclly active enzymes - nutrients that nourish and regenerate the liver allowing it to max its ability to flush out abdominal fat and trapped fluids.

Peaches are yummy and will also help you sleep.  If you are having trouble drifting off eat a peach at bedtime and you will feel sleepy in 10 to 15 minutes.  Peaches are rich in compounds that stimulate the formation of relaxing brain waves and calm the adrenal glands to reduce the production stress hormones.

Cherries are excellent to help you reduce stress and anxiety.  Adding 2 cups of cherries to your diet will allow the compounds anthocyanins to quickly calm the brain's anxiety center.  Ripe cherries have 4x more anthocyanins than those picked before their prime.  So choose cherries with the darkest colour.

Plums will help you balance your blood sugar.  Plums keep blood sugar steady, sharpen focus and ward off cravings...The antioxidant pelargonidin and cyandin in the fruit encourage muscle cells to burn blood sugar for fuel and prompt the liver to release stored sugars levels dip.

Don't forget to consult your health care practitioner when changing your nutritional or exercise program so all is well with you holistically.

Namaste!  I love you

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