May 20, 2018

The Controlling Abusive Bully

Well a week ago today brought a simmering issue into full boil over.  Resulting in an extreme response from me to chase away the dark energy that emerged to harm me. I believe that we create our realty but there are also dark forces that will use people's low consciousness to cause harm and that was a big piece of the Mother's Day Ugliness. 

Writing and delivering Ageless 3 has been the most interesting experience.  And I am grateful. Although I clear without having to experience the old issues something was missed in the clearing and brought the experience in to show me there was a few things left to clean out.  And the experience came through in a repeated way from the late 90's.  The amount of work I have done on all the abuse stories created for my soul journey is staggering...LOL...and so the Mother's Day Ugliness had me sit back and go well there is obviously threads of unconscious programming missed. Freaking Lovely!

I had been listening to Darious's webcast shortly after the Darkness Event featuring Melinda Lee who is a collegue in Thetahealing.  As I listened I was told by the Creator...She will see what has been missed.  You see even when you have access to the data on yourself and others past, present future sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees and sometimes like this time it was the deepest of stuff ready to be revealed.  Melinda roto-rooted, cleared and brought the pieces back together from the deepest of deep old programing into a new uplifting joy and happiness.  I am grateful and thankful to Melissa Lee and the catalyst for this healing.  and so.....

I have told the story, and we do create stories for our soul learning, of my parents being told by my Dr, that they couldn't come visit me for a 5 day hospital stay when I had my tonsils out at 4.  I was physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually abused there.  An unprotected, defenseless 4 year old attacked by power over, dominating, controlling predators.  Very common in the 50's as well as before and after of course.

I was raised in a home where my father was a power over, dominating, power overing abusive bully to my mother.  She was the classic subservient, submissively coded woman aquiesing to men always.  That is because for centuries men were the only way we could survive.  The first time I went at my father to protect my mother I was 13.  He was 6 ft tall, 260 pounds and I was 110 pounds soaking wet.  My mother was retreating as he began the tirade at her for nothing.  My mother was not allowed to buy the groceries in the house and lord knows what else, as he began his tirade something triggered in me and I came out of my room, charged at him and began screaming into his face watching his eyes.  Screaming my fury at him for his treatment of my mother and to Stop.  I remember his eyes, shock.  He backed down and went into his den.  My mother went to bed and stayed there for a few days. 

This went on.  By the time I was 15 I started suggesting that my mother leave my father.  Here is the interesting part.  Although my father was a controlling abusive bully with my mother, he never was with me and we had a strong bond.  HMMMMMMMM...something in just writing this I need to explore..and if you have anything too.  My mother new I would not leave with her and as she couldn't have more children, she believed in the rules and her coding that men were right was stronger.  My grandparents had told her to come home that they would help support her and me.  She got her revenge on my Dad. He got sick with a recurring heart condition and my Dad's Dr. put him in her care.  She was told by the Dr. if my Dad started displaying certain sysmptoms to get him to the hospital.  He did, she didn't call despite my son attempting to get her to and she just let him die.  She told me that she didn't want an invalid on her hands...Lovely...

The male Power Over, Dominating, Controlling Abusive Bully shows up in every economic level.  They present themselves as these nice, wonderful balanced conscious people and they present niceties actually in so many ways except when it comes to being in a sexual relationship with their woman or partner.  In business and friendships they can come across as decent, helpful, nice so that people in their circle and community question how it could be possible this person who appears so normal on the outside could abuse their partner. The profile of the predator abuser is fascinating.  It took 30 years to bring Bill Cosby to justice because how is it this personna of wonderfulness whose wife stood and enabled him possibly be a predator. 

Oh right, the women are crazy, just want money or 15 minutes of fame.  And with the Predator EGO it is always the woman's fault as the Predator Abuser does not  want to look at themselves as being part of creating the issue.  The Predator EGO wants to blame anyone rather than take responsbility for their issue (s)and do the work to release the issue (s) thus raising their consciousness intent towards women into unconditional love. 

Women just don't freaking want to be betrayed and abused.  And when they stand in their truth they are betrayed again by those that should believe them and assure consequences are taken so that the abuser feels the consequences of their actions and gets the appropriate help so they can stop and raise their vibration into unconditional love.  Fortunately for the women abused by Bill Cosby they had a champion in Gloria Allred.  She wouldn't give up in her pursuit of justice.

Welcome to the grooming of Predators in a multitude of ways.  The woman who refuses to be silenced is called "Bat shit Crazy" and many other classic undermining terms aimed at shutting empowerment down.

Low consciousness towards women is about hatred, agression and punishment.  The woman must be punished through intimidation, threats, violence and through the attempts to keep her controlled. 

My mother drank and smoked herself to death by the time she was 66 years old because of this syndrome.  By then my mother was in full narcissitic disorder.

Ageless 3 looks into the coding of power over predominantly in the male DNA and releases it on many levels.  As well as the submissiveness, subserviency, servitude and sexual slavery of the female DNA.  As we pass the critical 2020 mark of turning this planet into peace and harmony my work will continue along this path so that we live in empowered partnerships whether heterosexual or same sex filled with love, respect and joy!

More tomorrow.  I love you!  No matter what never let a dark energy dim your light. Shine brightly on high beams always!



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