May 26, 2018

Supra-Sex and your Ageless Living

Barbara Marx Hubbard talks about the new Human in her Global Woman magazine article.  I call the the new Human Homo Luminous and she calls it Homo Amore Universalis, the universal human.  Here is a quote:

"My paradigm is women are giving birth once again  As we have fewer children and live longer lives, our feminine creativity is aroused to join with evolving men to co-create new capacities and greater love. We are animated by vocational arousal, joining genius,  excited by what I call the next state of sex or “supra-sex.” Supra-sex is the delight of finding vocational partners who need what you have to give as you need what they are offering. Supra-sex activates the creativity and evolutionary love in the partners.  It overcomes aging. It creates excellent health. It awakens untapped genius. It activates the compass of joy. Ordinary love in us attracts us to join to create the babies; nature is now turning on “Evolutionary Love” in us, the same love that creates the universe is now creating us as we become conscious of the impulse of evolution within us.  We have transcended homo sapiens in the seperate self-conscious state to Homo Amore Universalis, in the connected state, resonating with the divine process, purpose and intelligence of universal evolution that has now become conscious in all of us."

"Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness...the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." ~ Pierre Theilhard de Chardin

In my course Ageless Living it is a proven fact that regular sexual activity is imperative for vibrant vital health.  Supra-sex is the coherence of the souls of two divine partners coming together in the ultimate act of cohering with the Divine energies of the pure vibrational energy of the Creator of All That Is.  The ultimate in intimacy.  And there-in lies the predicament for men and women.

In the male DNA coding of the Power Over, Domination and Control men often do not feel safe to become completely intimate as that would mean revealing who they truly are.  And as naricissm runs tandem with the Power Over Coding so runs low self esteem aka low self worth and the EGO protection for a woman or partner to really see and connect with who they are.  Which is sad because we are all One in the Creator energies of unconditional love and sparks of God therefore perfect.  But in the PODC male DNA in order to feel safe in a sexual relationship they have to power over the woman or partner.  That causes friction in the woman or partner as although the female DNA coding is coded for submissiveness, subserviency, servitude and sexual slavery the energies of the sacred female energy is pushing back against the male power over, dominance and control.  How in the heck do you cohere into intimacy with that type of unconscious program pushing back at each other.

That is why you see so much polarity in the sexual relationships of partners or in the case of Power over coding the use of sex as a punishment mechanism.  Hold it back so that creates feelings of resentment and hey if you are not getting fed at home you are going out to eat so to speak.  This isn't just the male problem but also the female in relationship to their consciousness intent towards men and women.  Low consciousness is easily raised if one committs to the techniques that work for oneself to release limiting unconsciouss programs and to re-program the positive teachings and virtues.

The solution is to recognize the issue in onesself.  Then find the person or techniques and get to work.  The Ageless program puts it all together.

More on this later.  So enjoy this fabulous weekend.  I am grateful to you all and to the life's experiences for my Soul Journey.  As that is all everything is the lesson's of the Soul.  The good news is you can re-create as you choose so choose love and joy!

I love you!




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