May 21, 2018

My Response to the Captain's comments re: CAB

Captain - May 21, 2018

Always 2 sides to a story.
Some people just never get over there stuff from a kid.

Dear Captain:

I am grateful and thankful that you took the time to read my blog and make your comments.  My blog's are teaching tools to reach people through my experiences to help them.  It is never about judgement in situations because every single experience we have as humans is created to bring about a soul lesson.  A soul lesson that was pre-determined before we came in.  It is hard sometimes when those lessons come from ugliness.  But those ugly experiences many times bring about the deepest healings for all involved.  

Your comments lead into this next blog about Narccissism, the Controlling Bully in the Power Over, Dominating male coding.  The Power Over behavior coding of the white male in particular has brought our planet to the brink of a 6th mass extinction which will end humanity as humans have abused and taken advantage of the planet so much so that she is preparing to shrug us off.  The planet has had enough abuse by power over dominating and controlling abuse and usery and taking advantage of her support.  She will only pull back through Empowerment.

There are always two perspectives but unfortunately the controlling abusive bully perspective comes from the I, Me, Mine perspective...never the We, US Are perspective.  Because when the EGO meaning the  controlling bully goes on the attack there is very low consciousness involved on the Bully side.  It is all about anger, revenge, punishment, harassment and win lose...its not about collaberation or win win. 

Because a high vibrational conscious person would not begin an EGO assault.  I, Me, Mine is the EGO.  We, Us, Are is the Soul voice of love.  The Soul Voice of love always wants to collaberate, listen and come up with win win solutions for any situation. They see the person across from them with unconditional love not hatred.  They do not blame the other person for their problems...they see them as being able to help them with the solution and want to create a collaberative solution.  The We, Us, Are never creates problems or issues.  We, Us Are's has only love as an answer.

Resolution in any situation is NOT created by attempting to resolve by creating fear through continual intimidation and threats.  Resolution is created through love, understanding of the why, forgiveness and a win win solution for each party.  The win lose situation of power over is over and completed.  Empowerment brings resolution for our planet and humanity through love and respect and forgiveness. Our planet will flip into peace and harrmony in the integrated 540 560 consciousness scale based on Clayten Stedmanns consciousness transformation tool.  That is my only purpose for being...transform power over through love into empowerment.  the homo sapien into the new human, homo luminous.  The only beings able to transform into the new human come from the highest vibrational consciousness allowing the soul voice to lead while the EGO happily steps in behind knowing all is well and protection is complete.  Jesus said the meek shall inherit the earth.  He didn't mean the weak, he meant the EGOless, not that you lose your EGO but your EGO allows the soul voice to lead and that comes from an integrated 560 + in consciousness.

That is Ageless course.  Ageless 3 is all about clearing power over domination and control out the DNA of both males and females...and raising consciousness of each individual within the program so that they contribute to raising the collective consciousness of the planet into peace and harmony of the 560.  Its a big job.  And the controlling abusive bully energy is contributing to the destruction of the planet...not the solution.  Its not easy for someone in their EGO in times of deep stress to pull back and go...oh...what is my part in this...everyone has a part they contribute to.

You are right about childhood issues if people don't identify and release the underlying limiting unconscious programs that created the issue on the core, ancestor, soul level and resolve on the history will continue to cause energy ripples in the persons life.  The power over coding in males creates a narcissism that is only resolved when the person is willing to sit back and ask what they did to cause the issue...what do I need to do to release my contribution to the problem. Not just point a finger of blame at the other person.   That is what the course was developed for so that people could easily release the coding...Ageless 3 goes into how humans were coded as slaves to serve the 1% controllers or puppet masters as I call them.   When a person has a low consciousness intent towards men or women it will create big problems in their personal sexual relationships.  Sexual relationships are a critical factor on this planet.  We know that men are coded for power domination and control...women for subserviency, submissive, servitude and sexual slavery...none of which is Empowerment.  

When you understand how humans have been coded it is easy to understand behaviors and why certain behaviors emerge...its no excuse for harmful behaviors...but once you understand it it is easier to forgive and then for the person when they are ready to do the work and face the issue to release and reprogram into positives.  Its easy and simple when the person is williing to look within themselves and want to do the work.  We are human and make mistakes...Outside pressures and stress with low consciousness areas can create human volcanic eruptions as we are seeing on the planet right now.  Easily solved if addressed from truth.

I assume by your comments that you probably felt triggered by what I said...that is positive.  You could take the program and you would see a rise in your consiousness by anywhere from 30 to 100 + doing that not only do you personallly benefit but you bring a rise in the collective consciousness of this planet.  Or maybe you want to pay for a personal consultation to quickly release any childhood or ancestral issues that have been plaguing you ..I charge 191 per session and I facilitate miracles through the highest vibration of the unconditional love the Creator of all that is of the Omniverse. My students and clients will attest to that through their experiences with me. 

As I said, I wrote the blog as a teaching tool...because the course I wrote and delivered , Ageless and especiallly Ageless all about the behaviors that occurred recently.  The dark energies want to stop me from helping humanity move forward into the new human.  The dark Lower Lords want to end my relationship because my relationship is a relationship of purpose and service to this planet and humanity.  Together once the low consciousness towards women was brought to over 500...the empowerment and speed of which we would have helped bring this planet individually and together into peace and harmony Would have been unprecedented, unstoppable and undefeatable.  The Dark Lower Lords, the Reptoids do not want the truth revealed but too late...truth wins.  The darkness uses low consciousness to create harm, hurt so they can feed on it as they have zero life force.  The course says its all...

The lesson for me that I will share because it may help you or someone else reading this.  My word is my bond.  It is one of my greatest strengths but also a weakness because I believe someone that I trust when they commit based on their word and previous actions that they will do what they say.  The low consciousness towards women was identified and agreed was there, the work to clear the issues was agreed upon and the work undertaken to raise the consciousness frequency and it was working.  More work had to be done as it was a long way from 500 so it was agreed the work had to continue which meant I would be safe and protected.  It was agreed that I would be continually surrounded in unconditional love and protected... but it didn't happen because of extreme time constaints which in turn  allowed the events to occur mirroring much of this big surprise...

I am not popular in the lower lord chambers that I brought out the truth they don't want revealed... spreading the word of the Sasquatch's message to humanity.  I am going to the Sasquatch conference in September to present and to do a clearing presentation with Clayten Stedmann co-founder of  That will be wild and empoweriing.

So thank you again for your comments as it helped bring forth todays blog teachings.  Empowerment creates win win resolutions from a place of unconditional love and forgiveness and collaberation.  I have zero interest in power over although I have the ability to bring it as required to protect myself from harm..Its not necessary in life anymore when the low consciousness intent towards women is accknowledged and released.  Moving from Power Over into Empowerment is everything.  Collaberation on solutions is Empowerment.  

So if I can help you in any way Captain please let me know.  I am happy to help you resolve any issues. It is what I do...bring light into darkness extinguishing it.  I am part of Archangel Michaels darkness removal team...LOL..I am trained in that and one of the best there is.  Peace and Harmony is the goal.  Love and Light to you my friend. 


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