June 15, 2018

My Mother, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza - Heaven

On the drive up to Nanaimo I had an amazing epithany about my mother.  My father as I have talked about was a controlling abusive bully with my mother.  He could not disrespect me as I wouldn't put up with it, nor put up with him bullying my mother when I was present.  At 13 when he went at her, I went at my dad.  I have always stood up to bully's of any kind or size.  I run in and never turn tail and run.  At 15 I started telling my mother to leave my father.  My mother was 36 at the time and had had a hysterectomy and could have no more children.  While I was driving I realized that although I went at my bullying father to protect my mother I was clear that my mother should leave but I was staying with my Dad...the abuser. 

I burst into tears in complete realization that although not my responsibility to leave with my mother, the fact that she knew I wouldn't go, her only child, and she was submissive and subverient anyway...how could she leave.  I realized that had I talked to my grandparents and said to my mother, WE are leaving, packed her a bag and we left.  She would have gone.  How I must have hurt her by telling her she needed to leave my Dad to have a better life but I would stay...stay with the bully..although he wasn't a bully with me...No wonder she resented and hated me with the tool kit she had.  I must have cried for at least 30 minutes and apologized for the hurt I caused her.  It only took me 63 years for that revelation.  She drank and smoked herself to death by 66...that is 3 years away for me.  So Sept will bring the connection-re-connection series and a predator recognition course for women...Predator Abuse For Profit is far to predominant in our society today and that is definitely going to end through empowerment!

Spending two days with Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza was incredible as they both validated my work with Ageless over and over.  Gregg talked about how our DNA was genetically modified by intention which Ageless goes into in detail.  That our DNA can be modified so that our bodies can hold the highest vibration so that we can live as long as we choose no matter our chronological age as our biological markers will not advance...keeping our telomeres at their healthy length for ageless thrival living.  That we as humans just appeared 200,000 years ago...and we haven't changed.  Gregg Braden is such an amazing man and I am grateful that my ability to access the Creator's Energies of past present future of the field as they like to call Creators energies, allowed the download of my courses Ageless Living: Evolving through love from homo sapiens into homo luminous - the new human!

Joe was Joe and although I have read his books and do his meditations being able to experience him in person is incredible.  Again it is the work that I was awakened to to remember by my teacher Vianna Stibal and trained for into a Cert of Science Master, Reiki Master and co-founder of Ascend Protocols with Clayten Stedmann.

It was incredible to spend the time with over 1800 people of which 98% were over 50 and so many many men.  My focus and committment is to assuring we raise our personal consciousness into an integrated 540 -560 so that our collective consciousness rises into a cohered peace and harmony through out our planet.  I choose the reality of peace and harmony always and over the last two days I am more certain than ever that we have this.  So many people get it now which means that energy and consciousness goes out into the energy field so that others can get it as well. 

Both Gregg and Joe discussed how the old world is falling apart which means all the predator narcissistic controlling abusive bully's don't stand a chance against empowerment.  And the best part about the darkness is that they will all be extinguished with love...

I am so grateful for every aspect of my life.  I am blessed.

I love you!

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