April 30, 2018

Mood Boosting Endorphins

British Researchers have proven that if you go shopping at the outlets or clearance racks finding a great deal floods your body with endorphins lifing your mood.  Just make sure you don't over spend because then you will have the opposite response.

Did you know that having a dog helps you live longer and can be part of your ageless living strategy.  A new Scientific Report shows that dog owners between the age of 40 and 80 were less likely to die of anything compared to those people that didn't own a dog.  Dogs keep you active, reduce stress and that helps to boost your immune system.  So with a healthy immune system you are less likely to get sick and if you do get sick you can get well faster.  So go to the local shelter and adopt a dog...just make sure you think over the fact that the dog you adopt needs a furever home so don't adopt without thought.

Did you know that couples who don't worry about the possibility of breaking up have relationships that last longer and stay coupled than those that worry about what happens if they break up. 

Remember to stay mindful and start your morning with your break of life and gratitude!

I love you!

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