April 20, 2018

Aging in Reverse

Nobel Prize winning science has revealed that autophagy which is the human being process of cleaning its cells to keep the bodily systems running efficiently and optimally.  This is comparable to when you update software on your computer, defrag, make sure you have all the anti-virus and anti-malware programs to assure you computer runs quickly and efficiently without slogging down.  

In our human bodies our cells tackle day to day functions like pumping out hormones and producing energy so the body has a mechanism called autophagy running in the background to clear away free radicals and cellular waste created by the metobolic processes.

Autophagy recycles the damaged and none useful parts of our cells.  Autophagy allows the body to coninually regenerate new cells.  The new cells work to maintain proper functioning of weight-regulating organs and glands, balance homrone levels and prevent disease and the signs of aging.

As we chronologically age the autophagy system becomes less efficient which can lead to disease and aging.  Cellular debris and free radical buildup damages the mitochondria.  This can accelerate aging in the obserable ways of weight gain, dull skin and low energy.

Research has shown that the best way to turn autophagy up is to naturally induce a small amount of stress on your body by creating a short -term nutrient shortage.  Research published the journal Cell shows that by cutting back on protein-rich foods a few days a week creates an amino acid shortfall and acts as a painless physiological stressor that automatically  rev's the body's cellular cleanup cycle.  Cellular debris is quickly cleared away and cellular tissue repair is restored helping to fire up metabolism and fat burning. You can also experience better sleep, increaed energy, more radiant skin as your cells regenerate into more youthful vibrancy.

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Remember to consult your health care practitioner before beginning any new diet, nutritional or exercise program!

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