May 22, 2018

A Broken Heart and Life Torn Apart repairing into Peace and Harmony

Love and Trust shattered in the ugliness of hate filled energy spewed into a pure energy of unconditional love creates energy ripples throughout the Omniverse.  The dark energies are masters at commanding and using hatred and violence through low consciousness to create what they need to feed as they don't have their life force so they use the species of earth.  This planet was originally evolved as a positive intergalactic outpost for the Star Elders and all positive beings throughout the multi-universal, multi-dimensional Omniverse.  The Power Over, Domination and Control of the controlling bully as I talked about over the last few days is how the darkness feeds. In the time of  Atlantis things went really wrong and the fallen began genetically modifying DNA code to enslave humanity as  livestock so that only a few could control the masses through a variety of avenues of division and memory loss of our origins of divine beings with every imaginable intuitive gift.  Ageless 3 goes into the details and releases these codes.

The majority of humans have no idea and unwittingly are controlled as free range humans for feed...just like our cattle, our sheep, our pigs and so on.  Only unconditional love and releasing of the codes within the DNA turns the tides of the approaching 6th mass extinction.  And it is all I AM even though it inserted itself into my heart and home with its thick long octopus like arm smashing all that was created as a beacon of love for all beings of light.

So with a shattered heart and shattered life how do you return to peace and harmony and an integrated, free flowing high frequency of unconditional love.  You do it through forgiveness and recognizing that you created it albeit that darkness takes advantage of the weak energy field available in front of you in the person you love.  It is the ultimate victory for darkness when the person you love and trust unwittingly allows the hit.  That is what the code does...until that power over code is released it gives the darkness control.  So you cannot blame or judge because it just is and part of the soul lesson of both involved.

I have the skills and ability to repair my heart...again..when I trusted it was in safe hands.  And it seems that my life is about to take off on a new set of adventures different than what I thought would be.  I saw two realities for this relationship of divine purpose and service and believed that it would go the distance of the next 60 to 100 years.  Yes I am on the Greg Bradenn 200 years plan too.  I had no idea until recently that Greg Bradenn believes in Agelessness and that as my course teaches we can live as long as we choose in vibrant, vital health. he sees 200 for himself and I will at least be that.  

The divinity of this beautiful purpose filled service realtionship was shattered by darkness and through a curse apparently someone put on it to come apart quickly.  I cannot see the forest for the trees sometimes in my own work on myself and too late Melinda Lee found it and removed but all the damage was done.  But ultimately we do create our own reality and life so together he and I for whatever reason choose this soul lesson prior to rocketing in to earth through our birth portal.  We came together in  the sacred 7, this year is our 9, next year would have been the 1 and 2020, the year of the dip into planetary peace and harmony our 11-22 Master numbers.  So there is no blame, no judgement just the lesson to learn and move forward from with unconditional love, forgiveness and empowerment.

So tonight I will sit in meditation in my 850 consciousness space and do the final repairation work back into peace and harmony.  I have zero idea where my next adventure will land me but this only re-inforces how critical our work as a community is to release the coding of power over and transform all into the empowerment of unconditional love.  We are all one in this world, every person, every species and every ecosystem. 

Our mother earth can and will pull back from a complete 6th mass extinction so humanity will not be completely lost with the help of our Star elders and so many other elder beings of light here to help us shine the light so brightly that darkness cannot remain.  Darkness has a choice to evolve through love and create a life force for themselves and it is my wish for that to happen.  As when I vanquish the dark demons I always send them by name to the Creator's  light through love.  Love is the only answer and the only way.

So it is a beautiful night and I am off to re-connect with the ocean and Creator and begin repairing my heart and soul back into complete love, peace and harmony!  It takes time for repairation after the unconscious programs have been released and they have.  I always look at my issues to clear and even when you think you have it all the Omniverse brings in what is left over to heal.  My work requires me to be as clear a vessel as possible so your access to the data available past, present, future is clear!

I love you!  I am so grateful for every day and the experiences of learning for my soul no matter how painful, as, joy always returns!  I Am Joy!

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