April 3, 2017

Ageless Living Continued

So, Tuesday April 4, 2017, which would have been my mother's 83rd birthday had she lived, is the last class of the first 7-week session of the Ageless Living Journey program.  This 7-week session will focus on identifying the anti-aging and regenerative cellular limiting programs within each of the overall body and mind systems to release.  We will then have Creator download the appropriate feelings, virtues and beliefs to facilitate your body, mind and soul processing together in complete health for an Ageless Lifestyle no matter your advancing chronological age!

The first 7 sessions have been ground-breaking in revealing the overall issues in the separation of the body and mind from the agelessness of your soul.  The consciousness of the program has been calibrated at 610 on the Dr. David Hawkins scale and with the continuation of the second 7-part series it will move into the 800 level of consciousness which will also enhance or abilities to continue to increase our personal consciousness levels which in turn compensate for the lower consciousness areas of our planet!  For all the those signing up for part two I will be calibrating your 10 areas of consciousness which make up your overall consciousness level on average.  This is a consciousness transformation tool designed and proven by my friend Clayten Stedmann the co-founder of flfe.nt!  When you know your conscious level in each area it allows you to created a focused approach to releasing limiting unconscious programs in that area with the goal to bring every area into the highest balanced overall consciousness of over 560 so that you move from the struggle of being Homo Sapiens into the Thrival mode of Homo Luminous!  

The cost for part two is $45.00 which will bring the total of part one and part two to $70.  This will be the continuous price od the online version of the course.  All upgrades to video and documents and the prettying up of the course will be included.  Any additional upgraded new course material will have an additional cost but we will keep in the cost range of the $25 to $45 cost range.  If there are people you know that would benefit from the course and do not have the budget for it, we can do two for one price plan or some other method of energy exchange.  


This program is designed so that every person who is ready to move from survival to thrival and is willing to make the necessary changes in their life through conscious action can do. And be clear that for you to move into an Ageless Lifestyle journey transforming from survival and struggle into Thrival requires conscious, focused mindful action of love, positive thoughts actions words and deeds.  Are you ready?  Let's make it happen together because we are One!  

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