July 8, 2019

Helping Aches and Pains the natural way

Joint and muscle pain hinder your ability to stay active daily which will drag down your mood.  Prescription pain-killers are the easy reach but raise your risk of intestinal bleeds.  They can slow tissue healing and deplete the immune system making it harder for you to recover when you are sick.  Most of our immune cells are in our digestive tract and painkillers damage that lining.

So here are some natural ways you can try.  But remember to consult with your health care practitioner before making any prescription medicinal, or nutritional and exercise changes in your life.

Comfrey cream is a great topical solution.  by massaging comfrey cream into achy joints it can cut stiffness and pain by as much as 33%.  The active ingredients of allantoin and rosmarinic acid calm pain nerves, reduce joint inflammation and heal damaged tissues.  Massage about 1/2 tsp comfrey cream into each sore spot 3x daily, ideally morning, afternoon and before bedtime.  Your joints will get a steady trickle then.

Tai Chi is great if you are having trouble doing a 20 minutes walk each day.  By practicing tai chi twice weekly people reported a 60% drop in joint pain and an 80% drop in stiffness.  The tai chi movements improve circulation allowing healing nutrients to injured joints and flushing pain triggering inflammation.

Curcumin is a turmeric extract reducing inflammation and heals damaged muscle and joint tissues.  The Ayurvedic herb Boswellia dials down the boyd's production of pain-triggering compounds called leukotrienes.  So when you put these nutrients together is can provide 25% more pain relief than prescription painkillers.

So get out there and enjoy this beautiful summer.  Always grateful to you. I love you!

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