August 9, 2017 and Ocean ReOxygenation

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Our oceans are in dire shape.  Much worse than I realized because very few public figures are speaking about it.  Our oceans are responsible for a big part of providing the oxygen we breathe.  Currently the atmosphere for oxygen is about 21.5%.  If this falls to 19% or below humanities immune systems begin to fail which is followed obviously by illness and death.  This is reversible.  But we need to work together to solve it through awareness, individual and joint action.  Dr. Sylvia Earle has devoted her life to marine preservation and is working to create a global network of marine parks to assure the oceans thrive again which in turn means humanity will survive.  Please watch her movie Mission Blue and then sit back and ask yourself what action can you take individually, what groups can you join to work collectively to solve the problem...and then most importantly take action.  I am always grateful for your committment to creating positive change within so we see it without.  





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