September 8, 2016

Energies shifting big time!

I am sure you can feel the positive changes in the energy. They are moving much more swiftly as the Feminine Energy balances the centuries old Patriarchal ruling energies of Power Over. The feminine energy as it brings balance transforms these "old boys club" Power Over energies into Empowerment for everyone.

Empowerment transforms it being all about Me to We for every life and our planet. The consciousness of our planet is being raised every day by the Feminine Energy balances.

My friends Clayten Stedmann and Jeff Stegman have created an amazing consciousness raising technology...Focused Life Force Energy. It quite simply raises your home environment, business environment and/or a a bubble around you to 540 to 575 which is a high vibrating consciousness to create peace and harmony in your life. The consciousness table is based on the great work of Dr. David Hawkins. You can do a trial subscription by going to and signing up...I have a referral link as well

Clayten and Jeff wanted to share the revenues with not only can you receive 20% for every referral that signs up you also get to sign up a spiritual organization to receive the uplifting consciousness energy for free. It is magnificent energy as the higher consciousness over 500 compensates for lower consciousness people, places and items so that we can get to our goal of living together in abundance, peace and harmony. Give it a trial and let me know the differences you feel in your life.

I love you...Namaste!

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