April 14, 2018

The Empowerment of Gratitude

When I wake up every morning my first thought is of gratitude.  I am grateful for a peaceful sleep.  I am grateful that another new amazing day awaits me and so on.  Gratitude is the feeling of unconditional love, thankfulness and appreciation.  Unconditional love is the Universal Language of the Omniverse.  The definition of Gratitude is: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.  Daily Graitude will create miracles in your life such as: helping you be more patiend, improve your relationships, improve your self-care, help you sleep better, help stop you from over eating, uplift your spirits by easing depression and creating lasting happiness, more productive in your profession.  

By spending 5 to 10 minutes daily with a gratitude journal you will improve your health, relationships, emotions, personality and career.  I always recommend that you purchase Rhonda Byrnes' 28 day Gratitude journey.  By following the gratitude exercises for 28 days you will transform you life in ways you may never have considered possible.So if you have aspects of your life you want to heal and transform bringing Gratitude into your daily life practises and strategies will bring results.  

So lets release from you and your ancestors all unconscious programs, past, present, future that would prevent you from incorporating a daily gratitude journal into your life.  Lets teach you and your ancestors that you easily and effortlessly spend 5 minutes a day writing your gratitude into a daily gratitude journal.  Say yes if you would like this support from God, the Creator of All That Is!

I love you!


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