July 22, 2018

High School Reunions! Connection-Re-Connection

Well last night I went a spent a couple of hours re-connecting with my classmates from my graduating class of 1973.  That's right its been 45 years since we graduated high school.  How did that happen?  My life has been amazing filled with joy and heartache.  More joy than tears thank goodnes.  Everyone looked fabulous.  It was so great to re-connect as I hadn't seen most of them for 25 years from our 20 year party in 1993.  

Positive Connection and Re-connection is essential for our good health.  Creating and maintaining meaningful, joyful personal and professional relationships helps you keep your telomeres a healthy length.  Healthy telomeres contributes to you living an Ageless lfestyle.  So be mindful and take special care of the relationships you cherish with family, friends and community!

Namaste.  I love you!

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