June 18, 2018

The 7 cycle Breath for Peace and Serenity!

I met many amazing people when I attended the Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza workshops.  Donna FB'd questioned me about the 7 cycle breath technique that is part of Ageless - evolving into the new human!

Setting up your day with peace and serenity will help you assure that you create success throughout the day no matter how simple or complicated your task.

When you open your eyes begin with giving gratitude for something that is important. Once you have expressed your gratitude beging the break cycle.  I call it the Breath of Life cycle but there are so many that work.  Inhale for 7 counts, hold the breath for 2 and then exhale for 7 counts.  Repeat this 7 times.  This is the sacred number 7 so you are also reaching into the Creator of all the Is energies of unconditional love.  What this breath cycle does for you is activate your vegas nerve.  The vegas nerve brings peace, serenity and security to your cells, systems and energectic bodies which not only feels delicious but helps you create success in your daily tasks.

Inner peace is a key requirement for success.  The inner peace also helps to release inflammation, oxidative stress allowing your telomeres to maintain a healthier length.  So create the daily habit of gratitude and breath cycle and watch how much happier and peaceful your life is!  And so it is!

I love you!

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