April 11, 2018

Humanity - Free Range Slaves

Free Range Slaves is an interesting term isn't it.  Slavery is defined as the denial of self-determination.  Chattel Slavery is when a person is owned by another person and forced to obey them.  Chattel Slavery is about being chained and bound.  Free Range Slavery is a much more suttle psychological coding within the DNA to give Humanity the sense they are Free to choose where they live, where they work, where they go to school and so on.  This has been the evolutioon of slavery from chattel slavery to the more comfort and safety of the illusion of Freedom through Free Range Slavery. 

So are you really Free?  Do You Own Yourself? A slave is legally owned by someone else.  When you are born you have a country of citizenship.  You have a social contract to that country to follow their laws.  So when you vote is that really Freedom?  A slave picking the Master is still a slave.  Do you really own your home?  What happens to your home if you don't pay your property taxes?  The government takes it back.  So in essence you are renting your home from the government.  When you vote  does it matter as a slave choosing its master is still a slave.

The Free Range Slave chains are invisible but we are still conscidered livestock and domestiated pets to supply the Master with money.  We are Free Range Slave tax sheep just following the herd.  The average person believes life is good and the systems necessary but in reality humans are manipulated by their government Master by allowing you to choose your work, let you believe you own your property so you feel free and will pay more taxes.   The War Cartel Masters in the past fought wars for money creating power struggles regarding Freedom so that good people would fight the battles in the guise of Fighting for Freedom when it was really only about supplying more money to the Puppet Masters.  So take a good look at your life...Are you on the Hamster Wheel of the Free Range Slave.

Ageless was designed to clear the unconscious programs that enslave you and bring you into True Freedom which is your birthright!  




when Humans were genetically modified with enslavement codes in their DNA so that they could be us

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