May 24, 2018

The New Human; Homo Luminous

The New Human: Homo Luminous - evolving through love from struggle to thrival.  Allowing you to hold the highest level of consciousness you choose.   Allowing you to maintain your body/vehicle and life in vibrance, vitality, abundance and prosperity for as long as you choose. Allowing you to  have access to the entire Omniverse as it is your birthright!  Greg Bradenn has the 200 year plan.  Mine is the infinite plan because our conscious energy is infinite and part of the Oneness of the Creator of All That Is!

I am grateful for this glorious morning and finding an email from Barbara Marx Hubbard considered the mother of conscious evolution.  She is sharing her interview she did with Global Women Magaine on the five secrets to leadership and how she sees humans in the year 4000.  So glad that she sees humans in the year 4000.  LOL!  She focuses on the positive that we as humans continue to consciously evolve and raise our personal vibration so that we can together, through our collective consciousness, bring this planet for all life, into peace and harmony.  She also sees the other reality of devolution.

Devolution means descent or degeneration into a lower or worse state.  And in Ageless 3 we review that process of those two realities.  Those that continue in the power over, domination and control reality continue into devolution and subsequent chaos.  Those that continue to refuse to look at the areas in their life where the EGO continues to rule through power over, dominantion and control.  Those humans, those of the lower energies will continue to devolve instead of evolve.  Devolution will continue and escalate for those whose overall consciousness is under 200 on the Clayten Stedmann consciousness transformation tool and for those that have intentions towards men, women, mother earth and other species that are under 200. 

As a friend likes to describe energy frequency, its like a dial on your radio.  You can dial into the energy frequency where you choose.  The problem for the majority of this planet is that for any area under 200 you can't see the dial to dial it up.  Your EGO is so in protection mode that the radio frequency dial is blocked from your energy field.  Once you are willing to recognize something isn't quite right there are a multitude of ways to release the blocks and increase your personal consciousness vibration which in turn contributes to the raising of the collective consciousness of our world and the evolutionary process.  

The  humans that recognize that evolution is necessary for the positive progress of our mother earth, all species and our planet will seek out those people and techniques that work for them to continually increase their personal vibrational consciousness into an integrated 540 - 560 + according to the David Hawkins consciousness scale and the Clayten Stedmann consciousness transformation tool.  Love and Joy!  These humans will continue their soul journey evolving through love from struggle to thrival from homo sapiens to homo lumnious..the true light body of the new human.

Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to this new human in a term known as ‘Homo Amore Universalis’.  A being of universal love.  This is a quote from Barbara's interview with Global Woman magaine.

"The feminine co-creator is a new archetype on Earth. She is free, especially after menopause to nurture through her own creativity joined with others a more peaceful, loving and creative world.

She enters “Regenopause. This is a new phase of life. From 50 to 60,70,80,90 and counting women are entering a evolutionary stage.  There have been geat women before, matriarchs, women who fought for human rights, for feminine power in a masculine world, women who have been outstanding scientists, writers, leaders. But somethig new is happening now.  

As the feminine co-creator emerges, she is tapping into feminine creativity to give birth again this time not to a child, but to her owh creativity, not to get a better job or lead an existing business, but to evolve the culture.  It is the time for a new culture to emerge. We are not only at an evolutionary choice point, to evolve or devolve and die. We are at an evolutionary quantum jump point. We are at the thresdhold of radical newness, as nature created single cells that created animals, that created humans and now humans are creating something that eventually will be as radically new as the first human was from the most intelligent animal.

I am delcaring that this newness is becoming a new species.  My partner, Marc Gafni, and I have named this new species ‘Homo Amore Universalis’.  This species we are becoming is gaining the radical new powers of our ancient gods. The new species has these characteristics already.  Members of this species have a powerful evolutionary spirituality. We not ony identify with pure consciouosness, but with what Sri Aurobindo called ‘Consciousness Force’.  That is the supernatural genius that created quarks, electrons, cells, multicells, etc. That genius is flowing through evolutionary women with new insights, new visions and new initiatives.  We are tapping into the impulse of evolution directly. That impulse that originated before the ‘Big Bang’, or the flaring forth of energy matter and life, that impulse is ‘Source’ Incarnate. That Impulse is divine intelligence. That impulse is evolutionary consciousness of the quality that creates a universe out of no-thing at all."

So you have a choice you can choose evolution or devolution.  You came in to learn for your Soul's progression once you transition.  Those that continue to refuse to look into the areas of their life where the power over coding has created struggle and depletion of our planet will devolve at an even faster rate into chaose.  Those that recognize that they must continue to evolve and grow however that is to increase their personal vibration so that they contribute positively to the collective consciousness so that we together as One bring the planet into peace and harmony as Homo Luminous or as Barbra calls the new human: Homo Amore Universalis!

Been the roughest 12 days but my energy is finally cohering back into love and joy on every level.

I love you and I am always grateful for my soul lessons and experiences!  

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