June 29, 2018

Dream Big in Las Vegas March 29, 30, 31, 2019

Its Las Vegas Baby and I am speaking and helping everyone attending to create Magic and Miracles in their lives by not only Dreaming Big, but Creating Big!  I have always loved Las Vegas.  I am not a gambler, but the shows and shopping are fabulous.  So if you are looking to clear the unconcious programs blocking your Dream life and want to hang out together in a fun place.  Buy your tickets now as this event will sell out quickly because all of our speakers are dedicated to helping you create your best life ever.  When you leave our 3 day event your life will have changed forever.  By making the positive changes within yourself to create your biggest dreams you will see the results rippled outward into the Omniverse.  I am looking forward to having so much fun creating with you!




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