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Gaine Ageless Thrival Magazine

Issue #6 - February 2019

February Horoscopes Maya White

Fabulous February Word Search Mary Bullard

5 Keys to Lasting Love Gay and Katie Hendricks

Do you Know What Love is? Catherine Wylie

Chef GeoffreyGaineTalk

Issue #6: Happy Valentine's Day Month

by Catherine Wylie

February is the month of love. February 14th is Valentine's Day. This issue we talk about the different types of love, have our February horoscopes, Pet recipes, Word puzzle and hopefully the first episode of Ageless Thrival Cuisine with Chef Geoffrey.

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dōTERRA® Essential Oil of the Month

Enjoy the benefits of Lavender in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. Ideal for children and individuals with sensitive skin.

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852Hz Solfeggio Frequency

by Catherine Wylie

Awaken Intuition and return to spiritual order!

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Do You Know What Love is? The Different Kinds of Love? How do You Attract Forever Love?

by Catherine Wylie

There are many types of love but how do we attract our forever love? And once we feel that we have our forever love, how do we keep the love alive and growing?

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Feeding your dog these foods? Stop, or you’ll harm Fido’s health: FDA advisory

by Carmen Chai

Peanut butter, raw meat, grapes, potato chips or onions – do you slip your dog some of these foods? In a new advisory, health officials are warning pet owners to stop spoiling Fido with food that could be upsetting his stomach.

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Fabulous February

by Mary Bullard

It is truly up to us to do the things that allow us to feel good. Once you begin to understand what makes you happy...take it a step deeper and ask yourself what can I do to day that will allow me to feel better than good?

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The Keys to Lasting Love: 5 Practices For Creating Thriving and Passionate Long Term Relationships

by Gay and Katie Hendricks, Ph.D

Here’s the bottom-line truth we’ve discovered from our decades of work with couples in long-term relationships:

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I' ll Never Love Again

by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

The last song in a Star is Born that is a tribute to the love between Ally and Jackson Main. So poignant as it is all about love, addiction and loss through sacrifice.

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I AM Positive Virtues Digital Cards

Created to Help You Raise Your Inner Consciousness. They Calibrate at around 900 on the David Hawkins Consciousness Scale.

Use the sample deck as often as you would like. When you are ready you can buy a subscription for the full 110 deck at $1.97 per month or $22 for the year. 50% of the cost will go to support the
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