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Thrival Strategies for the New Human Evolution

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Drops of Life Drops of Life ND-01 Optimization is a revolutionary anti-aging product that is design to slow down the aging process and may even reverse it to some extent.

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The Secret to Becoming Ageless We accept aging as inevitable, but scientists are discovering what Spiritual Masters have known forever... Aging is a choice. It's time for you to choose Ageless Thrival Living! Click Here The Empowerment Series Homo Sapien coding of Power Over, Domination and Control has brought humanity to the brink of a sixth mass extinction. The Empowerment Series helps you transform and evolve through love from Power Over and Struggle into Empowered Ageless Thrival. Is it time for you to make that choice into the new human of the Golden Age of Miracles? Truly Heaven on Hearth. Click here

Gaine Ageless Thrival Magazine

Issue #2 - October 2018

Connecting You to a Better You Mary Bullard

Nitric Oxide and Aging Catherine Pagliaro

Sasquatch Message to Humanity Sunbow and Elder Kamooh

Never Assume Constance Santago

Welcome to Gaine Ageless Thrival Issue Two

by Catherine Wylie

Time flies and we are already into issue two. We are introducing Maya White our resident Astrologer bring us her monthly sun sign horoscopes. Maya is one of 100 certified Astro Cartologists in the world.

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What Exactly Are You Looking For?

Here at Igniter of Hope, we believe that within each one of us lies an immeasurable potential for greatness. We place tremendous value on our individual strengths; and in the coming together of these strengths, a team emerges, dedicated and focused on guiding you to your best self.

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The Importance of Nitric Oxide in the Prevention of Aging

by Catherine Pagliaro

Living an Ageless Thrival Lifestyle is all about creating, implementing and maintaining the appropriate breath, gratitude, water intake, nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress eliminating programs that work for you. You are a Divine Spark of the Creator, One with the Creator maintaining your individualized beingness of light. You're own unique Divine Blueprint while you inhabit the earth in your body vehicle temple. So how does Nitric Oxide prevent Ageing?

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The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh

by Sunbow and Sasquatch Elder Kamooh

"The existence of Sasquatch, who are emissaries between our world and the underworld, proves in itself the existence of supernatural powers, extraterrestrial intelligence, human hybrids, and intraterrestrial populations. This hidden knowledge kept secret by the elite is the reason why mainstream academics are not ready to change the now questionable Darwinian theory of evolution and adapt to a wider and wiser perspective." by Sunbow

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Never Assume

by Constance Santego

I love Aromatherapy and believe that it is an advancing alternative healing modality, and should be taught in medical schools. What surprised me was my belief or understanding of how it was used in France.

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The Ancient Healing Solfeggio Frequencies

by Catherine Pagliaro

The Ancient Healing Solfeggio Frequencies are sound frequencies found in the Chants of the Gregorian Monks. These ancient chants were used to reinforce the relationship humanity had with the Creator of All That Is.

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by Maya White, Master Destination Astrologer

Welcome to your October 2018 Sun Sign horoscope. This month delivers a unifying Virgo new moon on September 9th, the same day Venus enters Scorpio. Plus, the cosmic clock of karma gets rewound as Saturn stations direct on the 6th.

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