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Thrival Strategies for the New Human Evolution

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Ageless 2! Evolving through Love from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous. The New Human!


Your Soul is Ageless so why does your body have to age?  This is Part two of the Ageless Living pilot course.  During each of the15 weeks we will discuss and release the limiting programs within each of  the body systems and our planetary ecosystems that contribute to the aging process.  

We will also download the relevant virtues, beliefs and feelings that will allow you to attain and maintain an ageless body, mind and soul. We include clearings and teachings preventing us from living in Oneness with our entire planetary ecosystem.  We cannot maintain our Ageless living lifestyle without living in harmony, respect and honor of every living species including our mother earth.  

This will aid in motivating the evolution of you from the struggle of being homo sapien into the thrival life of homo luminous.  We will callibrate your starting overall consciousness level based on the 10 areas of consciousness of Clayten Steddman's consciousness transformation tool. The scale is measured utilizing the work of Dr. David Hawkins.

There are 15 sessions of 1.5 hours each of information and clearings of each of the body systems, the money series and the ecosystems.
Week 1:  Ageless 2 the Money System
Week 2:  Ageless 2 Nutrition
Week 3:  Lung and Muscles
Week 4:  Muscles and Skin
Week 5:  Skin, Teeth, Gums, Skeletal, Systems
Week 6:  Week 6 Skeletal, Brain/Neurological System
Bonus:  Money Series Continued
Week 7:  Brain, Eyes
Week 8:  Eyes,Ears
Week 9:  Endocrine
Week 10:  Endocrine, Digestive System
Week 11:  Liver,Pancreas, Lymph, Bladder, Kidneys
Week 12:  Sexual System
Week 13:  Part 2 of the Money Series
Week 14:  Part 3 of the Money Series
Week 15:  Ecosystems and Ageless Living Series completion
Once a month we will facilitate a clearing of any beliefs that have not cleared.
Enjoy your Ageless Living Journey and feel free to contact me any time with questions and solutions!
Cost;  $146.00
Location:  Online 24/7
Co-Creator with Creator:  Catherine Wylie Pagliaro

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Ageless 3 - The Empowerment Series, Transforming Power Over, Domination and Control into Empowerment. The New Human!


The Homo Sapien coding of Power Over, Domination and Control is the source of every problem on our planet keeping the consciousness levels at just over 200.  In order to flip this planet we need a minimum of 250 million people integrated at between 540 - 560 which is love and joy on the Dr. David Hawkins scale.  The sexual aspects of power over and dominantion play one of the most significant roles of disharmony between genders. 

This 7 week series will discuss and clear the unconscious programs that hold power over and domination within the male and female DNA transforming into the positive programs of  Empowerment of Positive Virtures of a balanced male and female energy. 

This online course begins January 30th, 2018. 

Location:  Online at the Gaine Center

Price:  $111.00 - special pricing for Alumni Ageless students

Instructor:  Catherine Wylie Pagliaro

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Ageless 4 - Connection-Re-Connection

Online - recorded

The Connection Re-Connection series, Ageless 4, is the latest 7-week online live recording to clear your unconscious limiting programming inhibiting you from creating loving, joyful, respectful, functional, fun, productive and passionate professional and personal relationships.  

Loving, balanced relationships are key to CONTINUING to raise your inner consciousness so that our collective consciousness rises into global peace and harmony.  Creating and Maintaining harmonious relationships will assure that you maintain your AgelessThrival™ Empowered lifestyle for as long as you choose no matter your chronological age!  Belief checks will follow each session for your to muscle check.  Any lingering limiting beliefs will be cleared in set times prior to or after the session in week 4 and week 7.

  • Week One:  What is your connection to you in your relationship with yourself.  Re-connecting with you is the key to successful professional and personal relationships
  • Week 2:  Who are you in your relationship with yourself and your family.  Re-connect in a healthy functional family relationship in the way you choose past, present, future
  • Week 3:  What is your connection with Friends.  Re-connect and maintain friendships based on positive virtues with healthy boundaries that are mutually supporting.
  • Week 4:  What is your connection with your Spouse, Partner, Date.  Re-connect together to create a Whole Mate relationship of your choice
  • Week 5.  Do you have any Predator, Power Over Relationships messing with your happiness?  Re-connect with your sovereignty to recognize and release any Predators in your life.
  • Week 6:  What is your connection with your Professional Colleagues.  Re-connect to create and maintain healthy functional communication to enhance increased productivity and teamwork.
  • Week 7:  What is your connection to Mother Earth, the Omniverse of Oneness.  Does it frighten you to think about the intelligence that exists with our humankind?  Re-connect with your Divine Beingness of All That IS and all of the positive beings we peacefully co-exist allowing yourself to maintain the optimal connection and re-connection in Oneness.  It is in this optimal relationship with our Oneness of all that assures our evolution through love into the Ageless Thrival of the New Human!

When:  Oct 9, 2018 - November 20, 2018 - recorded live and available for replay with belief checks

Time:  6:00 PM P.D.T - 7:30 PM P.D.T

Where:  Online:  Link to be sent out

Cost:  $111.00 - receive a special Promo Code 

Instructor:  Catherine Pagliaro

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Healing Your Lilith


Healing Your Lilith

Lilith chose independence over submissiveness to Adam so she was Cast Off and Demonized by the Patriarchal dualistic system. Lilith was used as a Scapegoat to diminish all things feminine over the last 6000 years. Join us for 8 weeks of exploring the archetypal stages of Lilith as both men and women heal into their authentic beingness.

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