Ageless Thrival

Thrival Strategies for the New Human Evolution

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Welcome to Gaine Ageless Thrival Issue Two

by Catherine Wylie

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Astro cartology is an incredible tool.  Maya can read your personal astrology chart and determine the best place in the world for you to live for the happiest life.  She did a reading for me to identify my best place to live and the top 7 global sites for our students to achieve success in our Ageless Thrival Gaine workshops.  I call our workshops Gaines as you are spiritual progressing and moving forward, whereas, retreats signify, well retreating, running backwards instead of running forward into your life peacefully.

Constance Santiago has a new article and new content in the Gaine TV site.  Our Gaine talk is still in formatting but we will have the new interviews ready in October so you may want to come back and check.  I will send out an email to let you know when our first show is up.

Suzanne has her new love note and will be adding a read of the love notes every month going forward.

If you have suggestions for content that is going to help raise personal consciousness which of course then elevates our global consciousness please let us know.  We would be happy to review and post the positive contributions.

Sound frequency is an important healing tool for peace and harmony in your life and throughout the Omniverse.  So every month for the next 7 months we will have an ancient Solfeggio harmony for you to use for meditation, sleep and healing.  I love giving my cells, DNA and energy systems an extra healing cleansing and boost while I sleep.

So enjoy this issue and we love to get your feedback, ideas and contribution suggestions.  Love and working together is how we solidify the new Golden Age of Miracles that is upon us all throughout our world.  Love, Kindness and Compassion is contagious, so please spread it around!

I love you and I am grateful to you all!


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