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Love Notes

by Suzanne Bandick

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Good Morning Dearest Darling,

​​​​​You are loved beyond measure – unconditionally of course. You can be very hard on yourself. All is well, you cannot get it wrong. This is an adventure and you are the creator of this adventure. Just steer the ship where you want it to go and enjoy the ride. You are brilliant, bold, courageous and fun seeking. Steer for the adventure.

Life need never be dull to you. You have everything you need. Really really. You live in an abundant and wealthy world – choose anything you want and aim for it. You need not talk, or ask permission, or plan everything in advance. Just steer for the goal our dearest darling and you will get there. Now picture the spot where you will look back on your wild adventure and set sail.

With great love, from Suzanne and your whole angelic team

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