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I' ll Never Love Again

by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

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Addiction is a complex topic and one we will address in later issues.  It is important to talk about the pain that holds the emotional addiction no matter what the source and the method of self-medication. Sex, Love, Gambling, Opioid, Prescription, Alcohol and other substances are used to numb the pain and for too many the answer is to take one's own life to end the pain.  There are solutions to all pain and it is important to do what is possible for family and friends in this state, but ultimately it is the choice of the addict to seek help for the long term resolutions.  

Most importantly for those left behind by a loved one that chooses suicide as their solution to unbearable pain, it is imperative that you never feel guilty thinking that you could have done more, or should have done more.  It is impossible to stop someone from killing themselves when they make that final choice. They will find a way.   Do not stuff down what you are feeling as that is so dangerous.  Find the most appropriate way for you to let release your feelings and grieve.  So if you are in that situation please talk to the appropriate people and get help to rid yourself of the toxic emotions of guilt or shame because you are never responsible for another person's life, especially your adult children.  

Surrounding you with love, blessings and strength!

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