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Do You Know What Love is? The Different Kinds of Love? How do You Attract Forever Love?

by Catherine Wylie

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Your Understanding of Love and Sexual Intimacy Connection and Re-Connection with your Partner!

Is your partner your soul mate, your most compatible soul mate or your divine life partner?  We have touched on this briefly throughout ageless and will go into it in a little more depth in this session.  We are beings that cannot thrive without love and unconditional love is one of the greatest gifts to humanity.  But unconditional love doesn’t mean that you love without rules.  Boundaries are created and maintained to assure there is mutual respect within friendships, families, professional colleagues, community members and your partner or spouse. 

 Everyone is searching for love in one way or another and it can be difficult to find and even more difficult to maintain if you are unable to love yourself completely first, then know how to recognize and trust to love others completely and then to trust and recognize those to allow to love you completely.  Trust is the key to developing long-lasting personal, professional and in romantic relationships Trust is the key to being able to have a real authentic intimate sexual bond.  Humans can have orgasms but to truly connect with your partner's soul creating the ultimate spiritual bonding orgasm is your birthright as a Divine Spark of God. 

In the Narcissistic family, the needs of the parental system always come first.  There are two types of narcissistic families.  The Overt and covert narcissistic family.  The Overt narcissist family is easy to recognize’ alcohol, drugs, physical, emotional, sexual abuse, criminal behaviour, series mental illness and neglect.  The number one feature of the Overt narcissistic family is “The Family Secrets” - and we have cleared that on the humanity level.  The next big one is tension, the walking on eggshells and fear of Abandonment.  There is plenty of stored anger, anxiety, and depression when left uncleared and cleaned. 

The Covert narcissistic family is tougher to see because on the surface it looks normal. But the focus is still on the children to meet the parent's needs.  How it looks to the outside is important.  Keep a smile on your face, be seen and not heard the creation of the Leave it to Beaver style family.  In my home, my father was a controlling abusive power over bully with my mother…but, not me.  I had to protect my mother from him.  My mother was a closet alcoholic and smoker dying from lung cancer at 66.  My mother was classic passive aggressive and submissive and subservient in all relationships with men…she chose men over women always and never liked me as I was the direct opposite of her and thus, she wasn’t getting her needs met by me.

Establishing Healthy appropriate boundaries that you establish for yourself are in place to assure that the people you create relationships with understanding what you expect from the relationship and what the deal breakers are in the relationship.  Things to expect, monogamy, loyalty, respect, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness.  Things you can outline that would break the deal could be cheating, disloyal, disrespect, physical, emotional and verbal abuse. 

Issues of Trust and Distrust which negatively impact all relationships, especially your intimacy abilities, are the key issues in narcissistic family models.  Trust is not necessarily an issue in the first 12 to 24 months but begins as you as a child begin to assert yourself making emotional demands on the parental system which may not be able to meet those needs.  You learn not to trust and unlearn trust rather having trust reinforced positively.  Why trust comes up in so many of our limiting program clearing.

In the Narcissistic family model’s direct communication of your feelings is discouraged so indirect communication styles are used like” it would be nice if someone set the table.  Triangularization is used to communicate usually through you as a child or a pet.  Catherine, tell Daddy Mommy wants to go dancing Saturday night. Or confide in the child so the child goes and tells the parent. Or form an alliance with the child against another person.  This is the concept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  

We have learned throughout the Ageless series how our families we chose to be born into, from conception to right now, help to shape your particular levels of codependency.  Was your family covertly or overtly narcissistic or a combination of both?  And as we understand our cellular memory carries forward any of the unconscious programs of covertly or overt narcissistic family traits from the ancestors.   The humanity limiting beliefs must be released in order to create and maintain a healthy functional, family, romantic, professional and personal relationships.  It is also important to think about any unconscious beliefs that could be stored that are unique to you and your family and upbringing.  It is also important to identify and release as any negative experiences and emotions that are continually stored create inflammation and lead to chronic inflammation and Ageing. 

Release the codependency in order to create and maintain healthy relationship connections and to be able to re-connect if possible, having a balanced giving and receiving of love, joy, respect and the other positive virtues.  You want to assure that you have in your life or you attract into your life your most compatible soul mate or divine life whole mate that you are able to accept and receive their love and just from them in the balance as to the generosity of your giving.  Being able to accept and receive love is important for healthy friendships, family and professional relationships so that the most appropriate co-committed connections and re-connections are formed

So, what does love to mean to you.  If you are having difficulty in your relationships it may be that your perception of love is unable to serve you with ease and grace.  There are many types of love to understand and to be able to recognize and feel the difference between them especially when it comes to your romantic most compatible soul mate/whole mate.

Our love of God the Creator or lack of God the Creator can have profound effects on all of our relationships considering the religious indoctrination we have had over the centuries whether these beliefs be core, genetic, soul or historical.  As we are Divine Sparks of God, One with God and the Universe it is important to explore how you feel about God.  The Light of the Creator is the highest form of true unconditional love and thus how you feel about yourself on the deepest level.  When we can accept and receive the Creator’s Unconditional Love in every moment of every day it is a reflection of how we love ourselves and all others and species as we are all One.

Your Self Love as we understand comes out of your ability to accept and receive and give in balance to the Creator of All that is Energies as you are one with those energies.  Through loving yourself you bring forgiveness within which allows you to grow with ease and grace becoming well adjusted, happy and in balance within and without.  When you love yourself, you are able to easily set the appropriate boundaries to saying no, so that people cannot take advantage of you.  Self respect is critical to maintaining healthy personal and professional relationships.

True Love is rare and precious and difficult to replace.  Although you have multiple soul mates and most compatible soul mates you have just one Divine Life Partner/Whole Mate.  Your Divine Life Partner is someone who has mastered their existence in the past and now shares their divine timing and mission in this lifetime with their partner.  Your Divine Life Partner although has their own divine blue print with work with you in your Divine Timing with causing interference.  Many of the master’s here on earth now have a divine life partner to help them achieve their life purpose.  These Masters have something special to accomplish and it is their reason for being.  Anyone who steps in the way of their mission will be moved out of the way and that includes any soul mates who do not share the master’s vision.

Our love for our family is important as it is our learning ground for connection and in so many cases working through difficulties from minimal to severe.  And in severe cases of sociopathic narcissistic sexual, physical or emotional abuse establishing the boundaries of no contact. 

It can be difficult to love or like your siblings, parents or extended family.  When you can fully understand that your Soul choose your family in particular for your experiences up until this point so that your Soul would learn the lessons its needed to move forward after transition into your higher frequency, it makes it easier to forgive any difficulties and to establish a re-connection in the most appropriate with  a family member if deemed appropriate by both parties.  And if the re-connection is not possible to be able to let go with love any resentment, regret and remorse.

Loving Friendships help us to move forward in good and difficult times. 

Adults from co-dependant narcissistic family types are often lonely. Although they may be involved with many people establishing close connections especially with same sex friends may be difficult.  Low consciousness intent towards men and women can cause interesting issues as part of the co-dependant narcissistic model.  Anyone under 200 will on one hand exhibit the poser want to be your friend and then behind your back display disloyal or hostile punishing behavior.  This will be discussed and cleared in the Predator sessions.  Intimacy in true soul family friendships can be difficult to sustain because of the trust and abandonment issues associated with co-dependency and the narcissistic family model.

Loving our community, our earth, the Omniverse and all life forms helps you to progress spiritually while raising your personal consciousness and thus the collective consciousness moving us forward into peace and harmony which is our collective goal. We must recognize and understand all different levels of love so that we achieve A world with us all working together with sustainable solutions for every life.

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