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The Hathor Star Nation's Additional Information!

by Tom Kenyon

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Information Not Directly Related to This Message

The workshop recordings from the last Hathor workshop, The Art of Psycho-navigating Spatial Cognizance, are now available as CDs or mp3s. The title of the workshop set is Multiverse ( , which you can locate in the Store at This set of recordings includes the complete Trillium Sound Meditation.

In addition, the rather extensive class handouts for that workshop have been posted in the Articles section. This manual includes more information about Trilliums as well as the context in which they were presented. To locate this material, go to the Articles section of the website and look for the title The Art of Psycho-navigating Spatial Cognizance (

** Scientific information about our changing planet:

Note: After receiving this particular Hathor message, I did a bit of investigation into current environmental studies and decided to share four (4) different articles. In deference to those of you who may wish to avoid information that you might find emotionally disturbing, I do not suggest reading theses articles as they paint a dire picture of our planet’s ecosystem.

Carl Edward Rasmussen from the University of Cambridge posted a short, lay person friendly, article about climate change on Sept 14, 2018. The title is ironic: Is Paris 2015 Already Underwater? This post has been picked up by several different alternative new sources. Here is one of many links to this article:

An article in Scientific American about the plight of Orca Whales throughout the globe addresses the effects of oceanic pollution. You can read this article by going to the link:

An article released by the World Watch Institute addresses some of the significant changes in the Antarctic Environment. You can read this article by going to:

On July 27, 2018 the US Congressional Service released a report titled Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress. This is an extensive study that discusses many of the challenges and opportunities in the Arctic environment.

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