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Thrival Strategies for the New Human Evolution

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Issue #8

by Catherine Wylie

Wishing all of you who celebrate Easter, a Happy Easter. This issue has the 2nd episode of Ageless Thrival Cusine, Hathor Mediation of Gratitude, Abundance April Word Search, Gentle Somatic Yoga, the Origin of the Easter Bunny and much more. Enjoy your read.

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Enjoy the benefits of doTERRA Easy Air® in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. Ideal for children and individuals with sensitive skin.

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Anti-aging Frequencies

by Catherine Wylie

This track contains frequencies which will greatly assist in Anti-Aging and DHEA relase.

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10 Reasons Why Turmeric is Good For Dogs

by Dr. Peter Dobia, DVM

A magic ingredient that is worth every dog lover's attention.

If I were sent to a remote island, I'd make sure I took a turmeric root with me because it's just that good for us.

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A Hathor Planetary Meditation

by Tom Kenyon

As Earth passes through an unprecedented portal of rapid transformation this song is an energectic offering to Gaia and to all its sentiet beings.

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Gentle Somatic Yoga®

by James Knight

Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is an exploration through movement that is revolutionary in its ability to improve health, wellbeing, quality of life, and personal performance. GSY incorporates slow, mindful movements that amplify bodily awareness. This allows the practitioner to self-correct and permanently release persistent stress-based patterns from within their body (Soma).

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Abundance April Word Search

by Mary Bullard

"Abundant life" refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for mind, body, and soul. "Abundant life" signifies a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction, and such feelings may motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and a change in their life.

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What Does the Easter Bunny Have To Do With Easter?

by Dnews

There's no story in the Bible about a long-eared, cotton-tailed creature known as the Easter Bunny. Neither is there a passage about young children painting eggs or hunting for baskets overflowing with scrumptious Easter goodies.

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The Dark Side of "Free Range" Chickens

by Carly Weeks

Ordering free-range chicken at a restaurant may make you feel good, but it turns out you may not be doing the birds any favour.

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Choose Eggs from Happy Chickens

by David Suzuki Foundation

Eating a planet-friendly diet includes consuming less meat, eggs, and dairy products. Beyond reducing the number of eggs we eat, be sure that the ones you consume are the most humanely raised.

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Is There a Difference Between Organic and Free Range Poultry and Eggs?

by Organic Trust

There are, however, genuine misconceptions when it comes to choosing between certified organic eggs and poultry, and free-range eggs and poultry. This leaflet aims to assist the consumer in making an informed choice when buying poultry and poultry products - we aim to inform you of the difference between a certified organic product and a free range product - and the differences are significant!

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I AM Positive Virtues Digital Cards

Created to Help You Raise Your Inner Consciousness. They Calibrate at around 900 on the David Hawkins Consciousness Scale.

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