©Angel Art Images by Sharae Taylor

All Angel Art for the GAINE Center was channelled and painted by Sharae Taylor. I wanted Angels to work with Creator of all that is in support of the GAINE Center for Spiritual Advancement. She has given us permission to use the Angels online and for promotional work and sales for the GAINE Center! If you love original art or angel prints then visit Sharae's site and order one or more for yourself. I love her work. It is truly divine!


sharae.jpg I am a well known Intuitive Angel Artist whose paintings are in world wide collections and my works have been exhibited with other well known Angel Artists Andy Lakey ,Donna Terody Sheratan, Gary Markowitz, past art editor of "Angel Times" magazine and K. Martin Kuri, Angel Artist and Author. I have also participated in many Angel Expos and Angel Conferences with other well known Angel Authors like Alma Daniels author of "Ask Your Angels" and John Ronner author of "Do You Have a Guardian Angel". I am also an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

The Angels and Ascended Masters are divine beings of love, support and comfort. Before I became a Theta Healer I worked directly with the first 5 planes and Creator but not necessarily going to Creator of all That is first. When I checked I found that I had many contracts, pledges, vows and agreements with the first five planes so I removed all that were no longer serving me. I now go directly to the Seventh Plane to Creator of all That is before I work with any of the planes. That way I enjoy working with the Crystals, Elementals, Ancestors, Angels and Ascended Masters without obligation. It took a bit of work to assure that I would go straight to the seventh plane without stopping off at one of the other planes first...

The Seven Planes of Existence: Source: Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing Book

The Seven Planes provide us with a conceptual vehicle for understanding how and why the world works on the physical and spiritual levels, and how this relates to us. The Seven Planes show us how to understand the concept of the Creator of All That Is. It is through the Creator of All That Is that we learn how to create physical healings, to progress spiritually, and to find enlightenment.

The Seven Planes of Existence are divided into degrees and are sometimes thought of as being twelve or more. The Planes of Existence are not dimensions. There are trillions and trillions of dimensions on the Sixth Plane of Existence, through the Law of Time.

Once understood, all of the Planes have the ability to heal. Each Plane is subject to its own conditions, rules, laws and commitments. We respect all of the Planes and those who have accomplished great healing abilities with them. However, the objective of this book is to teach how to access abilities from the Seventh Plane of Existence by using the Unconditional Love of the Creator of All That Is. Through the Creator of All That Is, instant healings, instant accountability and instant results are created. When healings are done from the Seventh Plane, we are under no obligation to the contracts and conditions that govern the first Six Planes of Existence.

It is often necessary to clear ourselves from oaths, vows, rules or ancestral commitments from the first Six Planes of Existence. As we explore these Planes in the following pages we will reveal and clear many of these Beliefs and commitments that we may not know that we have. The Creator of All That Is exists everywhere. The energy of Creation exists everywhere. It is all around us. It is what you are. You are the Seven Planes of Existence.

The First Plane

This is the level of the Mother Earth power. It is the crystals, minerals, and the soil.

The Second Plane

This is the level of the trees and plants. The plant people, along with the earth/air spirits, act out the sacred dance for the interconnectedness between the first and third levels, and transmigrate the life force to be utilized by the animals.

The Third Plane

This is the level of humanity's reality that we have created. There is a place between the Third and the Fourth Plane, where spirits are held that have missed their "window" to their next evolvement. These are the "waywards" that are outlined later in the text.

The Fourth Plane

This is the level of the ancestor spirits, animal totems, and the powerful mastershamans that are invoked for healing.

The Fifth Plane

This is the level of guardian angels, angels, guides, and dark spirits. Each time an initiate connects to these beings you travel to this level. This is the Plane of dualism and of the "ego", of both the negative and positive. Healers that are working with connections to this level can be based in fear, and can have programs of the fear of being "attacked". The fifth level is the astroplane.

The Sixth Plane

This is the level of the Laws: The Laws of time, the Laws of magnetism, the Laws of gravity, and the Laws of light and sound that create the very fabric of the universe.

The Seventh Plane

This is the level of the Creator of All That is. This is the level you reach for the highest manifesting, instant healings, and readings. This is the place of safety, love, and the place of, "It just is".